KCB’s Kenny Andola and Mwamba’s Brad Owako made the cut for Simba’s squad in the Rugby Africa Gold Cup Clash against Uganda. The match will also serve as the Elgon Cup return leg. The duo, who will start off the bench will come in place of Biko Adema who is unavailable due to work commitments and Kelvin Masai.  20 year old Steve “Security” Otieno is also in line for his Simba’s debut. Otieno replaces Martin Owila who is rested for this clash.

There will be two main changes to the side that started the 23-18 away win over Uganda in Elgon Cup action a fortnight ago with Joshua Chisanga and fly half Isaac Adimo handed starts.

The fixture is set for the RFUEA Grounds in Nairobi.

Regular tickets for the game are available at Ksh 400 with a limited number of VIP tickets retailing at Ksh 1000. These can be sourced online on Tikiti

Game day tickets will still be available for Ksh 500 at the RFUEA grounds.

Simbas Full Squad

15.Tony Opondo, 14. Darwin Mukidza (captain), 13. David Ambunya, 12. Patrice Agunda, 11. Jacob Ojee, 10. Isaac Adimo, 9. Samson Onsomu, 1. Moses Amusala, 2. Peter Karia, 3. Dennis Karani, 4. Simon Muniafu, 5. Oliver Mang’eni, 6. Eric Kerre, 7. Davis Chenge, 8. Joshua Chisanga Replacements 16. Philip Ikambili, 17. James Kubasu, 18. Curtis Lilako , 19. George Nyambua, 20. Steve Otieno, 21. Kenny Andola, 22. Brad Owako, 23. Leo Seje



Upper Hill set up a Prescott Cup final duel with Rift Valley Academy after hammering Nairobi School 31-3  in the second semifinal result on Wednesday.


AFC Leopards SC has been thrown into panic  as the transfer window heads to a close following fears that their new signing may not arrive at the Club as intended.

Kenyanstar on Wednesday learnt that the Club management who took control of mid-season signings have been thrown into blame game and panic mode as some of their target signings declined joining the Club.

KS sources indicate that the club is in disarray over the manner in which they conducted the signings with a storm brewing that some officials put their own selfish interests ahead of the Club's.


The first signs of discord appeared in the Dorian Marin case where players openly revolted against the coach as pressure mounted from the discordant Club management.

The Club on Thursday was contemplating flying an official to Burundi to fast track the deal to have Alexis Kitenge join the Club. The reasons for Alexis' delay are unclear since Ugandan signing Kizito arrived in Nairobi yesterday  to link up with the squad.


There is divided opinion on how the Club is re-signing players it had released due to indiscipline at the end of last season. notably Kepha Aswani who was singled out for incitement by the management as the case for his release by then coach Stewart Hall.

AFC Leopards who lie in the bottom half of the table are seeking a revival in the second half of the season.



Musa Mohamed is probably the most loyal member of the green army having joined the 15 time Kenyan Champions in 2008 while still a student at Lang'ata high school. Now the captain of Kenya's biggest football club, Musa appreciates the pressure that comes with the Job and likens it to leading an entire community. 

Kenyanstar caught up with Musa Muhamed for a quick Q & A after his Wednesday morning training session;

KS: Who is Musa Mohammed?

Musa Mohammed is just a simple guy, a football player, a defender and currently team captain for Gor Mahia. 

KS: How did Gor Mahia happen?

I was in the Lang'ata High School team that played a friendly match against Gor-Mahia at the City Stadium, back in 2008. I guess i impressed the coaches and i was invited to join the Gor-Mahia  team. 

KS: Talking of Lang'ata High School Musa, they have been missing in action since your days when you won the School Championships. Why do you think they aren't living up to the billing? 

The school has undergone a lot of transformation since we were there in 2008-2009. They have for instance turned it into a boy only school, they have as well turned it into a boarding school so i guess transformations like this can turn the focus a little bit off the sporting department to stabilize other areas. But also when I was there we had a lot good players that I played alongside and I'am really grateful to Lang'ata High School because they played a big role in my football career because from there is when I signed for Gor Mahia.

KS: ... and FISA Academy? 

FISA Academy are the ones who started my football career because there is a time I had lost hope in football due to a lot of things in my mind. When FISA came and took me in as their player while providing everything for me, I started playing football again.

KS: Was it always your plan to be a one Club Man? 

Not really. It wasn't a plan ...  I think every player's plan is to keep growing and get get greener pastures , move forward and get new challenges whenever an opportunity arises. But the reason why I am still at Gor  Mahia is because I still want to achieve more with this club.

KS: Musa, With Gor-Mahia, you have won every single local title on offer. What more are you looking to achieve? 

I really would like us a team to go to another level and perform better on the continental scene in the Champions League. But I'm patient  and awaiting for the opportunity to present itself because you can't force things to happen. When you force them, they cannot work out.

KS: Talking of your local performance as a team, you have been consistent over the past few seasons. Some bad patches here and there but overall you have remained at the top. What is the secret?  

The team work between players is  very important, that together with individual hard work.

KS: At an individual level how do you manage to stay at the top of your performance? ... and what exactly makes a good defender?

Only through hard work and prayers ... and staying focused. It's all about discipline and the way you carry yourself around other players.

KS: At one point, you attended trials at Pretoria University...

Yes, It had a lot of issues and that's why I came back to Gor Mahia. As I said, you can't force things to happen because when you force, they will not turn out how you expect so you have to be patient and wait for your time. So when I went to Pretoria there were a lot of issues and that's when I told them not to be in a rush. .... I asked them to call me when they are ready for me to play for them.

KS: What exactly is Gor Mahia doing to ensure success at continental level?

It's all about preparation. When you prepare well you get good results and if you don't prepare well you don't get results. The thing is when we go to play against these other clubs, we are coming straight from pre-season while most of them have a significant match fitness because their leagues have been ongoing. So this can be a factor but that is not an excuse. I don't want to give it as an excuse why we have not done well before.  

KS: How is it like being the captain of the biggest club in Kenya?

It's a lot of pressure. It's a lot of pressure but I thank God for giving me the strength and also giving us these fans who support me. I'm lucky to have around me these great players who listen to what I am saying when I talk to them. 

KS: What are the challenges that come with this position?

You know when you are a Gor Mahia captain, you are not only a captain of the players but of the whole community, so it comes with a lot of pressure but I thank God for the opportunity and i hope to make it count.

KS: What has been the greatest moment of your career?

It has to be when we won the league unbeaten and also winning the league three times in a row.

KS: Lowest moment?

The lowest moment is the year that I was not playing at all for six months. But I thank God for giving me the strength and getting back my position. 

KS: Which is the most memorable match you have ever played?

Internationally it's against South Africa when we were playing against big names such as Stephen Pienaar.

KS: Which defense partner have you enjoyed working with most?

I have enjoyed working with all players who have played alongside me. 

KS: Who is the striker that has tormented you a lot?

That has to be John Baraza. Baraza is one striker you cannot shift focus from because you don't know when and how he will score.

KS: Who are some of the best coaches you have worked with?

I have worked with a lot of coaches and all of them are great coaches.

KS: Let's talk about Zarika, She is going to defend her title against Ashley of Jamaica....What chances are you giving her in that fight?

She will win, she works very hard, I know she will win.

KS: What influence do you have on each other you and Zarika? 

She is the one who joined sports first. That time, I was just in school not thinking of playing any sport but she inspired me because she always works hard. It reached a time when we used to go to the gym together. I was actually trying to be a boxer but then I changed my mind back to football.

KS: What message do you send out to her ahead of the bout? 

I just wish her good luck and I know that she will make us proud with a win.

KS: Does Ze Maria leaving and then a loss to SOFAPAKA worry you and the lads? 

No. We have to be focused and achieve our targets. We should not lose focus on what we started on from January. So we have to finish what we started and stay focused till the end of the season. Like the coach said, we learnt crucial lessons from the SOFAPAKA defeat. 

KS: How does it feel being part of a Gor-Mahia side that has won against arch rivals AFC Leopards three times in a row? 

It's a motivation for the players all the time we win against Leopards because that is a derby, and when you win two or three derbies in a row you have a lot of confidence in you moving forward.

KS: Finally, what chances are you giving Harambee Stars in the AFCON 2019 qualifiers? 

We still have a chance to qualify because we still have more matches coming at home and away so I know we have a chance to qualify. We will work hard to get there.


Bernard Mang'oli exits the AFC Leopards SC scene eliciting mixed reactions from the fanbase and the technical unit as a whole leaving more questions than answers on his abilities.


Fatuma Zarika's brother and fan number one, Musa Mohamed, has told Kenyanstar that he has no doubt her sister will successfully defend her World Boxing Commission Super Bantamweight Title on the 30th of June in Dallas, Texas.  

"She will win, She Works very hard! she will win... I just wish her good luck and I know she will make us proud with a win." Said Musa Mohamed. 

"We encourage each other a lot and she is the one who led the way in joining sports. That time, I was just in school not thinking of playing any sport but she inspired me because she always works hard" 

"At some point we used to go to the gym together and I was actually trying to be a boxer then I changed my mind back to football." 

The Gor-Mahia Captain made the comments while speaking  to Kenyanstar in a yet to be published Interview. His sister, Fatuma Zarika, who is enjoying Sportpesa Sponsorship will seek to retain a title she has held over the last 8 months when she takes on Jamaican Alicia Ashley.  


AFC Leopards SC new midfielder arrived in the country on Wednesday ready to join his new side after the international break.

The Ugandan midfielder, Kizito who was signed by Leopards in May before the international break for an undisclosed fee and is expected to fill the void left by Bernard Mang'oli as well as partnering with compatriots Yakubu, Kateregga and Mudde in the side.

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Meanwhile, Burundian Alexis Kitenge is also expected to join the squad. Alexis comes with a goal scoring reputation with him is expected to bolster the attack and is likely to be the preferred striker ahead of Gilbert Fiamenyo with Vincent Oburu having shown glimpses of brilliance in his past five matches.

Read More: Kitenge joins Leopards

AFC Leopards failed to renew Paul Kiongera's contract and hence will only have services of Alfred Wekesa, Vincent Oburu, Marcelus Ingotsi , Gilbert Fiamenyo and Alexis Kitenge for the remaining part of the season.

Leopards 0-0 draw with Mathare United underlines their weakness in scoring.


The most conspicuous item in 2013 manifesto for Jubilee Coalition was five stadiums and one was to be built in Garisa. What a gem of an idea. Many people especially the young bought sunglasses in anticipation for a very bright future. The irony is now they have to look for spectacles with magnifying lenses when looking at the performance of the Jubilee Government through sports window. 

Sports was the flower in the manifesto of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto unfortunately it remained so when they got into government. I can guess that sports is also the flower at cabinet meetings and Cabinet Secretary for Sports Hassan Wario as the flower boy designate. It is meant to spruce up our social and economic space but it ends up sprucing the imagination of our politicians. 

The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is a fiasco sports enthusiasts in Kenya want to block from their memory. If Coke is the global mascot of CocaCola, then sports is to Kenya what Coke is to CocaCola. To date, no one knows the formula of ingredients used to make Coke because CocaCola has selfishly protected their prized product over time. Our athletes uniforms were stolen, allowances disappeared; tickets for coaches were missing while joy riders had access to Olympic Village and not some coaches. This is what we get even for an event that happens once in four years. Meanwhile the prosecution of NOCK officials is turning into a circus.

Confederation of African Football (CAF) officials are coming back in August to tell us that CHAN 2018, the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) version for players based in Africa will be moved to Morocco. CAF will not allow the world to watch their matches being played in substandard stadiums out of Nairobi. The two facilities being fronted are Machakos’ Kenyatta Stadium and Meru’sKinoru Stadium. It is a shame when Government officials and FKF President confidently walk CAF officials into these two facilities. Let it go, it is never that serious. 

Recently word leaked that Harambee Stars players get Ksh. 500 per day ($5) as allowance. The public was shocked that the national team players can be paid such an amount of money and still expected to win. The team went to Sierra-Leon for an AFCON qualifier and lost. The excuse by FKF is that is the amount stipulated by Ministry of Sports for all sportsmen across the board. They later organized a sponsorship through betting firm Sportpesa to pad up the amount. 

If I dint have to rush to look for ways of earning some money for the elusive maize flour, I would have delved into other sports as well. In Kenya, we never give sports a second thought because the first thought we give it at a glance is enough. This is the reason I silently pity many young passionate Kenyans who believe they can make it in sports; kindly have a plan B.

We have never realized the benefit of sports. Political leaders like Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero organize Governors Cup in the belief that they are promoting sports and the youth. Meanwhile the County Government owned City Stadium and Woodley Stadium are as dilapidated as Mogadishu Stadium before the Chinese renovated it.

If we are not ready to give sports the attention it deserves, let us not use it to spruce up our selfish ambitions. Sportsmen and women have suffered enough; rubbing salt into their injuries is not fair.



The National women's Beach Volleyball team requires Ks. 1.5 million to honor the 2017 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championship in Australia next month.

The Kenya Pipeline duo of Naomi Too and Gaudencia Makhoha qualified to the World championships during the African qualifiers staged in Mozambique last April. But their participation, which will be Kenya’s second in a raw now lies in limbo due to lack of funds with reports that the government is yet to commit funds for the games that are close to a month away. 

The team is expected to have at least 20 days training before leaving for the championship set to serve off on July 28 to August 6th.

The money is expected to go to carter for the local and foreign allowance and the air ticket.

"We still don't have the money but we must send this team.  Currently I am heading to the ministry to push for the funding from the government, " said KVF secretary general Ben Juma. 

Interestingly, Kenya will not send a coach to accompany the players for the directive by the international volleyball mother body quashing the position of a coach at the senior level.

“Even if we were to send a coach, he or she will not be allowed to be on the court during matches in line with FIVB practice,” added Juma.

FIVB abolished the position of a coach for the senior level in the last board of administration meeting.

Lack of government commitment saw the national women's volleyball team, Malkia Strikers withdraw from this year's FIVB World Grand Prix set to serve off next month in various cities in Europe, Asia and South America.  

Meanwhile KVF is in talks with Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company to set up a beach volleyball court at Ng'etho, the source of Ndakaini dam, in Muranga County.

KVF president Waithaka Kionia said that such a facility will greatly reduce the cost of preparing beach teams who usually train in Mombasa.

"Having a beach court in Murang'a will not only help nurture more talent but also reduce the cost of preparing our teams for future assignments," said Kioni who hosted Nairobi City Water managing Director Eng. Phillip Gachuki on Wednesday morning.

It is understood that there was growing fears that sports sector of Nairobi Water could be disbanded following the slow stream of revenue brought about by the water shortage but Gachuki assured players of support and future partnership with KVF.

“We will continue to support our teams in the league as we seek to have the Chairman’s cup (Ndakaini leg) as an annual event to continue creating awareness to the public to understand the importance of Ndakaini dam which is the biggest source of all the water used in Nairobi,” said Gachiki.

Nairobi Water sponsored the second leg of the biggest local volleyball series, which was held at Ndakaini in April.


There have been an extended tag of war between the two clubs over the player, but the dust has finally settled. Plive Kenya quoted Sofapaka FC this morning, confirming that indeed the player would be unveiled at the club that has always admired him.
Towards the June mid-season break, there was rising concern over Bernard Mang’oli’s future at the club, with majority of the club’s faithful hoping that their captain would stay. The one-time Bandari player would later take part in the Sportpesa Super Cup in Tanzania, and also captain his side against Mathare United.
Kenyanstar has however learnt that despite captaining his side in Tanzania, AFC Leopards remained on red alert over the midfielder, following reports that Sofapaka representatives had met the player and dangled a deal
On Wednesday morning, however, fans were to wake up to a major surprise as Sofapaka President Elly Kalekwa unveiled one of his long term targets.
Immediately after the Tanzania outing, and with growing pressure from the fans, the AFC Leopards hierarchy had met the player, and tabled a deal after the player lay his demands. It was resolved that both parties would sit on Monday(the 19th) and hopefully sign an extension. It is understood that the player demanded for monies in the excess of Ksh. 400,000. The club was not willing to meet his financial demands.
The player would eventually opt not to sign a new contract with the club, and moved to Sofapaka where he was unveiled Wednesday morning.


Nzoia United coach Bernard Mwalala lamented on his team's lack of luck in their 2-1 loss to Chemelil Sugar on Sunday 18 June, 2017 at the Chemelil Sports Complex. The loss proved costly for Nzoia, dislodging them from the top half of the Kenyan Premier League table.

“Today I can’t say anything other than that we were unlucky against Chemelil. We were just unlucky. We scored first and created so many chances but converting them was a problem. We came close several times, but, like I said, we were not lucky. Chemelil got those quick goals and that was that. We lost,” said Mwalala.

Nzoia United now sit 11th on the table with seventeen points while the win propelled Chemelil to7th place with twenty points. The next league match for Nzoia is against Thika United.



Gor Mahia acting coach Zedekiah `Zico' Otieno is hopeful that the team has picked lessons from their 2-0 defeat to Sofapaka on Sunday 18 June, 2017. Gor lost for the third time this season to relinquish the top position of the league table to Tusker and Zico has urged his players to focus on the next match, which is against Ulinzi Stars.


Several young coaches and former players have taken the opportunity to induce themselves into coaching by attending the Football Kenya Federation/CAF license ‘C’ coaching course currently ongoing at the Goan Institute in Nairobi.

Among them is former Ulinzi captain Stephen Ochollah, who skippered Ulinzi to the Kenyan Premier League title in 2010 and the KPL Top 8 Cup in 2011. Ochollah was named midfielder of the year in 2011 and  announced his retirement from active football early this season.

He has since set his eyes to a coaching role, saying that he aspires to be one of the best coaches in the country. “It is what I have always wanted as a player, to impart the knowledge I have gathered in football for close to 15 years into the future generation. This is the first step and hopefully I will grow into the biggest certifications and be one of the best coaches in the country.”

Mulinge Ndeto

Also in attendance is Ochollah's former teammate Mulinge Ndeto, who was part of the title-winning team in 2010 and has also donned the national colours a number of times. He is also seeking to be a coach and has already been impressed with the knowledge he has amassed so far at the coaching course. 

“I love football, and there is no way I would have gone out just like that after retiring. It has been a great course so far, getting to learn so much from some of the best in the country and former ex-players as well,” said Mulinge.

Brian Kaka, formerly of Ulinzi Stars is also attending the courses.



Former Gor Mahia striker Dan Sserunkuma has parted ways with Bandari FC. This comes after one and a half years with the coastal club.


Tusker FC head coach George Nsimbe has expressed his satisfaction with the display of his new signings. Tusker FC acquired the services of David Mwangi and Paul Odhiambo in the current June transfer window and the two players went on to start in the Brewers goalless draw against Kariobangi Sharks on Sunday 18 June.

Speaking after the match, Nsimbe reiterated that the two players will be vital for Tusker as the team pushes on with the aim of defending their Kenyan Premier League title.

“David Mwangi and Paul Odhiambo have proven that they are players of good quality (drew 0-0 with Kariobangi Sharks). They add plenty of options in the squad and that is a sign of a good team because the next 10 games will determine if we retain this title or not.”

Seconded by his assistant

His sentiments were echoed by his assistant Francis Baraza, who affirmed his satisfaction with the duo's debut performance. `` Personally, I am pleased  with the way the two players performed (against Kariobangi Sharks). I think they played very well and we are now trying to push them to be at the same level with the other players. I am sure they will be very vital for the team this season.''

Baraza also said that he was contented with weekend's draw against Kariobangi Sharks. ``We are happy with the draw, given that we were playing away. Getting a point away from home nowadays is not easy and I think the point will boost the morale of the team going forward,'' said the assistant coach.

Tusker top the table standings with twenty eight points from thirteen matches, one point more than second placed Gor Mahia.



Rift Valley Academy reached the Prescott Cup final with a 25-19 semifinal over Alliance in a fixture played on Monday 19 June in Kijabe.


Western Stima coach Henry Omino is positive that with time, the team will start posting improved performance after the new players gel together. 


Sofapaka head coach Sam Ssimbwa is a happy man after seeing his side beat Gor Mahia 2-0 to dislodge them off the top position of the Kenyan Premier League table on Sunday 19 June, 2017.

The match was played at the Kinoru Stadium in Meru with Sofapaka as the home team, and Ssimbwa has revealed that he chose the venue tactically. Sofapaka had camped there for a week so as to familiarize themselves with the pitch.

“We were the better side (after beating Gor Mahia 2-0). I decided to have this match in Kinoru as a strategy against Gor Mahia and it worked. We camped here for a week and by the time they were arriving on Saturday, we were already well acquainted with the conditions here,” said the Ugandan tactician.

Goals from Ezekiel Okare and debutant Timothy Luda were enough to hand Ko'galo their third loss of the season, with Sofapaka bagging three vital points. They now sit 5th on the table standings with twenty three points while Gor slide to 2nd position with twenty seven points, one behind Tusker FC.





World Boxing Commission (WBC) champion Fatuma Zarika expects a difficult fight when she takes to the ring for her Super bantamweight title defense against Jamaican Alicia Ashley on June 30, in Dallas, Texas, USA.

This will be a repeat of last year’s clash between the pair where Zarika  dethroned the Jamaican via a split decision at the Dort Federal Event Center in Flint in Michigan, the US and became the first Kenyan pugilist to claim the prestigious title.

But as she prepares for the highly anticipated bout, the 31 year old stylish orthodox stance boxer who shifted her training base to US six weeks ago, is wary of Ashley’s revenge mission.

“Of course this is going to be a very tough fight for both of us, but a great fight for the fans. Both of us have different targets. While I am focusing on defending the title, Alicia will be out to revenge last year's defeat,” said Zarika from her training base at Berry’s Boxing Gym, Las Vegas.

Despite the hype surrounding the fight, an extremely motivated Sportpesa-sponsored mother of two is looking forward to retain her title.

“She (Alicia) is a former champion and I know what she capable of. But having been in US for the last sid weeks I am extremely motivated and prepared for the challenge. She is of course coming out with everything she has, but I am confident I will handle her,” she added.

Asked on how excited and motivated she is after last week's meeting with her role model legendary Mike Tyson, Zarika said : “ It  is always great to have a change of environment and that’s how I came to meet Tyson.

“I was more than pleased to have met Tyson , one of the celebrated boxers in the game’s history whom I have only been watching on television. We had a lengthy talk, but he promised to visit me in the gym this week before the fight. It was really motivating and I am looking forward to meeting him again.’’?


AFC Leopards Captain Bernard Mang’oli could be staying after all. After days of protracted negotiations between the player and the club, reports have it that a deal could be sealed soon. The midfielder has been the subject of discussions in the football circles last week, with long term admirers Sofapaka angling for his signature, after his contract with Leopards almost came to a close.

Mang’oli’s contract at AFC Leopards expires this month, and Sofapaka were keen to snap him, as they look to rebuild for the second leg. Initially, the AFC Leopards management was resigned on retaining the skipper, but seem to have later changed their mind on the issue.

Against Mathare United on Saturday, Mang’oli led out his teammates from the dressing room, and had a commendable display throughout the encounter.

Kenyanstar has established that Mang’oli met with the club management last week, and he put his terms on the table which included a sign on fee and a fixed one year contract. The soft-spoken midfielder’s financial terms remain a contentious matter in the case, as the club is reportedly not willing to meet his ‘huge’ sign-on fee demands. The club is set to meet Mang’oli later today, where he is expected to either accept the terms or decline to renew his contracts.

Despite the stalled contracts, Sofapaka seem to have moved on, and are unlikely to chase the midfielder with the same vigor. It is reported that Bernard Mang’oli himself is interested in staying at Leopards, and is willing to bed the matter soon, should the club meet his demands.


Tom Juma’s dream of coaching AFC Leopards could finally be turning into a reality.

Tom, a former Kenyan international midfielder maestro had an illustrious career as a player, playing for AFC Leopards, Gor Mahia and Oserian Fastac. In 2001, he was named the Red Bull Player of the Year. Juma initially coached Division One side Administration Police, and would later move on to coach Muhoroni Youth where he won the Top 8 Cup last season, as caretaker coach beating Gor Mahia 1-0 in the finals. 

Just last year, Juma was heavily linked with a move to the club that never materialised. On Saturday, as AFC Leopards took on Mathare United, Juma was visibly engaged with the team, although on the sidelines, and would even be part of the team’s dressing room.

Multiple reliable sources have told Kenyanstar that Juma has been appointed to the club’e technical bench, to assist newly appointed Romanian tactician Dorian Marin. The arrival of Juma possibly suggests that he could be replacing Tanzanian tactician Dennis Kitambi, who was Stewart Hall’s assistant. Kitambi, was absent from the bench as Leopards took on Mathare United in a 0-0 draw last weekend, and the club is yet to comment on his absence.

At the time of going to press, the club was yet to comment on Tom Juma’s appointment.


Audrey Omaido moved to the top of the Women Hockey Premier League scoring chart with a brace as defending champions Telkom put up another stellar performance in an 11-0 demolition of MultiMedia University on Saturday in a match that saw Betsy Ommala grab her first hat trick of the season. 

Omaido leads the chat with 15 goals to her name, one ahead of compatriot Jackline Mwangi who sat out the Saturday match.

Elsewhere, Sliders got their first win in five matches with a 4-0 victory over multimedia university on Sunday to heap misery on the students who conceded a whooping 13 goals through the two matches they played over the weekend. 

In the other women hockey premier league match of the weekend, Chase Amira were 3-1 victors over Mombasa Sports Club.

Men's premier League Results

Chase Sailors 1-2 Nakuru Athletic Club 

Western Jaguars 1- 2 Green Sharks 2 

Western Jaguars 1 - 1 Park Road Badgers

Parklands Sports Club 0 -1 Nakuru Athletic Club 

Kenya Police 3 -1 United States International University-Africa


Six goals were witnessed on Sunday 18 June, 2017 at the Mumias Sports Comple as Zoo Kercho and Kakamega Homeboyz played out to a 3-3 draw. This included a hat-trick by Kephias Mutuu for Kakamega Homeboyz.

Mutuu got his first goal five minutes into the match, tapping in a pass from Okoth to take the hosts ahead. Gichana however leveled for Zoo in the 10th minute, a thirty-yard screamer that was absolutely lovely to watch.

Two minutes later, the hosts were ahead again, Mutuu getting his second after a defensive mixture. In the 20th minute, Mmata’s attempt to get an equalizer for Zoo went over the bar but the visitors were able to draw level in the 32nd minute, this time through Kipyegon who maximized a one-on-one opportunity to score.

On his debut for Zoo, Andrew Ongwae scored a brilliant free kick in the 35th minute to take the visitors ahead but the lead did not last long, Mutuu sealing his hat-trick to take the teams level into halftime.

The second half did not yield any goal for both teams and they had to contend with a point each after a 3-3 draw. Zoo Kericho are now 14th on the log with fourteen points while Kakamega Homeboyz sit 9th with nineteen points.



Kenyan Premier League defending champions Tusker FC were held to a goalless draw by Kariobangi Sharks on Sunday 18 June, 2017 at the Kenyatta Stadium. The Brewers had gone into the match at the heart of eight straight league wins.

Allan Wanga had the first chance for Tusker in the 15th minute, lining up a shot that went just wide. Four minutes later, Mieno’s free kick went way over the bar and from there the match tempo went down as both teams played precociously. In the 36th minute, Saaneh towered the highest to get is head to a cross but went out after a deflection for a corner. Tusker had to take off midfielder Humprey Mieno in the 40th minute after he had twisted his knee and was replaced by Brian Osumba.

Sharks came into the second half stronger, getting three corners in quick succession. Stephen Owusu then came in for Mwangi in the 68th minute and two minutes later, Wanga saw his effort stopped by Joff Oyiemba. Tusker keeper Duncan Ochieng was forced to a fine save in the 80th minute by Yiddah, with the keeper producing a fingertip save to ensure that they don’t concede. The match ended in a 0-0 draw but Tusker still leapfrogged Gor Mahia to sit at the summit of the league table.

Ulinzi Stars vs Sony Sugar

In Afraha, a goal apiece in either halves was enough to hand a point to both Ulinzi Stars and Sony Sugar who settled for a 1-1 draw.
Sony Sugar were first to score in the 22nd minute through Amos Asembeka, who heade the ball into the net. The hosts however leveled the scores in the 60th minute courtesy of top scorer Stephen Waruru, after Samuel Onyango’s cross was punched by the keeper into the feet of Waruru who made no mistake.

Ulinzi Stars take their point tally to twenty five and sit 3rd on the table while Sony Sugar are 13th with sixteen points.



Gor Mahia lost the top spot of the Kenyan Premier League after losing 2-0 to Sofapaka on Sunday 18 June, 2017 at the Kinoru Stadium in Meru.

First half

Sofapaka needed only eight minutes to go ahead, Ezekiel Okare being the man to put the ball past Boniface Oluoch. Chances or Gor from a free kick and Timothy Ochieng thereafter did not bear any fruit and in the 26th minute, Rodgers Aloro was shown the first yellow card of the match after a nasty foul. The carded man was forced to avert a Gor Mahia threat four minutes later and force it out for a corner, which yielded nothing. Alli Feni tried to craft a pass to Umaru Kaumba in the opponent’s box in the 37th minute but the ball did not find the right path.

Second half

Sofapaka doubled their lead five minutes after the restart courtesy of new signing Timothy Luda, who met with a rebound to send it home past Oluoch. The former Thika United man almost got a double in the 57th minute but his went just over the bar.

Gor brought in Jacques Tuyisenge for Mike Simiyu in the 66th minute to try and find goals and the substitute got his first chance a minute later, but could only manage to shoot straight at the keeper. The former champions were dealt a further blow in the 82nd minute after captain Musa Mohammed was shown a red card. The game ended 2-0 in favour of Sofapaka to hand Ko’galo their third loss of the season.


Tusker FC clash with Kariobangi Sharks in week 12 of the Kenyan Premier League on Sunday 18 June, 2017 at the Kenyatta Stadium in Machakos.


This will be the first league meeting between the two teams, Sharks having joined the top tier league this season. They have however shown intention of maintain their spot in the top league, sitting 5th on the log with twenty one points from thirteen matches.

In the thirteen matches, they have won six, drawn three and lost four. They have scored twelve goals compared to the nine they have conceded. They will be without influential striker Masoud Juma who left to Europe for trials. Sharks have managed six clean sheets so far this season. They are also unbeaten in their last seven games.

Tusker FC will be aiming to put behind their disastrous performance in the SportPesa Super Cup, where they were the first Kenyan team to be eliminated.

Of late, the Brewers are however the most consistent team, having won all eight of their last matches. Since their first two consecutive losses, they have not lost a match. They strengthened the team during the transfer window, bringing in striker Paul Odhiambo from Sofapaka and defender David Mwangi from Mathare United.

The Nsimbe coached side has scored seventeen goals, but their defence has been a bit porous, letting in twelve goals.


Starting XI: XI Duncan Ochieng, Collins Shivachi, David Mwangi, James Situma ©, Marlon Tangauzi, Hashim Sempala, Humphrey Mieno, Jackson Macharia, George Mandela, Paul Odhiambo, Allan Wanga 

Subs: David Okello, Eugine Asike, Lloyd Wahome, Clifford Alwanga,Brian Osumba, Abdul Hassan, Stephen Owusu

Kariobangi Sharks

Starting XI: Jeff Oyemba, Osborne Monday, Pascal Ogweno, Wycliffe Otieno, Michael Bondo, Sven Yidah, Patillah Omoto (C), Elli Asieche, Cavin Odongo, Mathew Odongo, Ebrimma Sanneh

Subs: Robert Mboya, Hillary Omondi, Duke Abuya, Ovella Ochieng, Mike Misigo, Ibrahim Kitawi,Francis Manoa.



Gor Mahia start their journey without coach Ze Maria on Sunday 17 June, 2017 when they face Sofapaka in Kinoru Stadium from 15:00. The match is the first one between the two teams this season.

Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia have had a string of good performances this season and it is evident in the Kenyan Premier League table where they sit at the top. They are working hard with a vision of reclaiming the trophy which was taken away from them last season by Tusker FC. Even with the departure of tactician Ze Maria, the objective is still the same.

Heading into the match, Gor will be motivated by the winner’s medal of the just concluded SportPesa Super Cup in Tanzania. Prior the league break, they had won six of their last eight matches, maintaining an unbeaten run in those.

In thirteen matches, they have won eight, lost two and drawn three to collect twenty seven points. They have managed to score a total of eighteen goals while conceding only five to rank them among the meanest sides. In the thirteen matches, Ko’galo have managed to keep six clean sheets.

Sofapaka had started the season highly but a series of draws and losses has seen them drop in the table standings where they are now 6th with twenty points.

They have been the busiest sides in the transfer window, bringing in thirteen players to help them in their title push and will look on to some of them to engineer a win against the league leaders.
In thirteen matches, they have won five, lost three and drawn five. They have conceded nine goals in the process, going on to score fourteen.

The two teams have met six times in the last three years, with Gor picking up three wins compared to Sofapaka’s one. They have settled for a draw on two occasions.



Immediate former Gor Mahia head coach Jose Marcelo Ferreira aka Ze Maria was officially unveiled as the new coach of KF Tirana on Saturday.

The Brazilian quit Gor Mahia earlier in the week citing unmet promises by the Club management.

Read: Ze Maria quits Gor Mahia



Posta Rangers staged a late comeback to record a 2-2 draw with Thika United on Saturday 17 June, 2017 at the Thika Stadium. Thika had scored two goals in the first half through Kibwana before Rangers cancelling them out in the second half.

Thika United showed intent from the start of the match and Patrick Matasi did well to save a well taken shot from Eugene Mukangula in the 16th minute. Dennis Mukaisi saw his header go just wide in the 31st minute before Shami Kibwana scoring in the other end to register his first goal of the match. Ten minutes later, he completed his brace to double Thika United’s lead and put the home team ahead at half time.

Posta Rangers came back in the second half tough in search of goals and they cut down the deficit in the 6oth minute courtesy of John Nairuka. Rangers’ hard work paid in additional time of the second half, getting the second goal through debutant Kennedy Àgogo’ Otieno who was signed from Western Stima.

Posta Rangers now go to 3rd position in the league table with twenty five points while Thika United sit 15th with eleven points.

Chemelil Sugar vs Nzoia United

At the Chemelil Sports Complex, Chemelil Sugar came from a goal down to register a 2-1 win over Nzoia United.

Nzoia were first to score through Masita Masuta in the 18th minute after connecting to a Boniface Omondi cross. Luke Namanda and Boniface Omondi wasted glorious chances to extend Nzoia’s lead and the first half ended 1-0 in favour of the visiting side.

John Mwita leveled the scores for Chemelil two minutes after the restart after a pass from substitute Siwa Staphan. Ten minutes later, Victor Omondi brought down Mwita and the hosts were awarded a penalty. Majid Victor converted the resultant spot kick to earn Chemelil three vital points.

Chemelil move to 7th spot in the table standings with twenty points while Nzoia are 11th with seventeen points



AFC Leopards were held to a barren draw by bottom placed Mathare United on Saturday 17 June, 2017 at the Nyayo Stadium. This was the fourteenth match of the season for both teams.

Mathare had gone into the match having lost all five of their last league matches. Vincent Oburu who was making his first league appearance for Leopards had two quick chances early in the first half, attempting to dribble past several defenders in the 10th minute but the bodies proved too much for him. Two minutes later, the young striker got past keeper Kasaya only to be denied a goal by Mangabo who made a timely interception.

In the 20th minute, Chris Ochieng got his head to a high cross but the ball went wide. Ian Otieno was forced to save a Mathare attack in the 26th minute after Owino had taken a shot from close reange. At the half hour mark, Kasaya’s pass was intercepted but the keeper did well to save and prevent his team from going down from a one-on-one ball with Oburu. Musa Mudde made his first appearance in his second stint at the club, coming in for Tololwa in the 35th minute.

In the second half, Mathare made an early change between the sticks, replacing Kasaya with Opiyo before Leopards resting Gilbert Fiamenyo for Sammy Ndungu in the 52nd minute. Levis Opiyo was forced to make his first save of the game in the 59th minute, producing a solid block to deny Oburu from a right wing pass. Both teams had chances in the closing stages of the game but no one could find the back of the net. The draw was the fifth straight one between the two teams and Leopards remain 12th on the log with sixteen points while Mathare United go to 17th with ten points.


The Kenyan Premier League resumes on Saturday 17 June, 2017 and one of the three matches of the day is a clash between AFC Leopards and Mathare United. The match will be played at the Nyayo Stadium from 15:00.

New additions

After finishing the first leg with a series of poor performances, both teams have bolstered their squads with new additions. The Slum Boys have admitted three new players into the team, releasing two in the process. Ronald Reagan (Black Stars), Samuel Olwande (Tusker) and Frank Liyayi (Kenafric FC) are the new additions. The two released are David Mwangi, who has joined Tusker FC and Ronald Okoth.

In the den, Alexis Kitenge and Keziron Kizito have been welcomed into the team. The club has also seen the return of midfielder Musa Mudde from Bandari FC. Ingwe have released Charles Bruno and the injury-prone Paul Kiongera. They also most notably parted ways with coach Stewart Hall who has been replaced by Dorian Marin.

The two teams had poor shows in the first leg of the Premier League, Mathare sitting at the bottom of the table with nine points while Leopards are 12th with fifteen points. Mathare have lost all five of their last league matches while Leopards are winless in their last seven.

The two sides have met six times in the last years and a majority of the matches have ended in draws. Of the six matches, five have ended in draws with Mathare registering one win back in 2014.



KCB’s multiple title winning Head Coach Curtis Olago has been handed a 30 week ban with effect from 6 June following the completion of a judicial process that found him guilty of attacking match official and Kenya Rugby Referee Society Chairman Karimi Mwangi in 2016.


Zoo Kericho FC have announced the signing of former Leopards and Gor Mahia striker Demonde Selenga  Mangili ahead of the Kenyan Premier League. 

The Congolese-born speedy attacker joins the Kericho-based side in an effort to improve the team's performance on their first season of top-flight football. Zoo sit 14th on the table standings with thirteen points from thirteen matches.

Selenga featured for Sofapaka in 2009, propelling them to silverware on his debut season before joining AFC Leopards in 2010. After one and a half years at the den, he moved to Gor Mahia in June 2011 and then went back to Sofapaka. He has also featured for Muhoroni Youth.


Zoo Kericho took to its official social media page to confirm the signing. ``The club can confirm the signing of striker Demonde Mangili Selenga ahead of KPL resumption . The striker brings a wealth of experience and goal-scoring prowess to the team having featured for AFC Leopards,Gor Mahia, Muhoroni Youth among other clubs in the Kenyan Premier League,'' the statement read.



Tusker FC goalkeeper Duncan Ochieng recently revealed that he has no plans to retire any time soon. The goalkeeper has produced exemplary performances this season, helping Tusker in the team’s turn around this season from bottom places to second on the table where they are level on points with leaders Gor Mahia.

Tano Tena

The 39-year old said that he feels that he still has the vigor to play for another five years at a high level and also singled out Tusker's new goalkeeper trainer for helping him maintain the good performance. “Age is just a number. I feel I can carry on for the next five years. I am fresh. I have been working so hard with the new goalkeeper trainer and the team at large. My coach also has been challenging me to work harder,” said Ochieng.

For his good exploits this season, Duncan Ochieng scooped two awards at the Tusker mid-season awards; for the Best Goalkeeper and the Most Impact Player. 


Duncan Ochieng made his debut way back in 1994, before some of his current teammates were even born. Among his major accolades include lifting the Premier League trophy with Mathare United in 2008 and twice with Tusker; 2012 and 2016. Here are the clubs he has played for:

1994-2001          Mathare United

2002                  Mumias Sugar

2003-2005          Mathare United

 2005-2006         So'ng Lahm Nghe' An

2006-2007          Mathare United

2007                  IK Sleipner

2008-2010         Mathare United

2011                 Tusker FC

2012-2014         Sofapaka

2014-Present      Tusker FC






Tusker FC held its mid-season Awards on Wednesday morning at the KBL offices in Ruaraka. Among those feted were Duncan Ochieng , Humphrey Mieno and James Situma.

Club captain James Situma went home with the Best Defender Award, goalkeeper Duncan Ochieng bagging the Best Goalkeeper Award while Humphrey Mieno walked away with the Best Midfielder Award. 

Other players who were awarded were Michael Khamati (Best Striker), Marlon Tangauzi (Most Improved Players) and Duncan Ochieng again ( Impact Player Award).

As an appreciation for their efforts, the players went home with 10,000 shillings. “I want to commend the team and the technical bench for showing great character after a tough start and successfully turning around our season,” said Tusker's brand Marketing Manager at the ceremony.

On his part, head coach George Nsimbe thanked the club's sponsors for their efforts in keeping the players motivated. “I want to thank our sponsors for keeping the boys motivated through such awards, especially as we go into the business end of the season. We go into the second half of the season in good form and I am confident that we can go all the way and defend the title.”

New arrivals

During the ceremony, Tusker's new acquisitions were unveiled. This included Paul Odhiambo who joined from Sofapaka and defender  David Mwangi from Mathare United.



The Kenyan Premier League resumes on Saturday 17 June, 2017 after a three-week break. Three matches are scheduled to be played on Saturday 17th June, with the other six matches on Sunday 18th June.

New additions

All teams will be seeking to better their performances in the first leg where they recorded different results. In every team, there are several new players that have been brought in to strengthen the team and bring better results. Sofapaka has been the busiest of all teams, signing a massive thirteen players and letting go of several others. Top teams such as Gor Mahia, Ulinzi and Posta Rangers have had minimal activities during the transfer window. 

Top three

The first leg ended with Gor Mahia leading the pack with twenty seven points followed closely by defending champions Tusker FC who have an inferior goal difference. Ulinzi wrap up the top three positions with twenty four points, level with Posta Rangers who went unbeaten for a larger part of the first leg.

Bottom places

At the bottom, team such as Mathare United, Western Stima and Thika United will need to work harder this time round if they are to evade the relegation axe. In thirteen matches, the said teams have only managed two wins which is a below-par performance.

Here are this weekend's fixtures:


Chemelil Sugar vs Nzoia United (3pm, Chemelil Sports Complex)

Thika United vs Posta Rangers (3pm, Thika Stadium)

AFC Leopards vs Mathare United (3pm, Nyayo National Stadium)


Kakamega Homeboyz vs Zoo Kericho (3pm, Mumias Sports Complex)

Kariobangi Sharks vs Tusker (3pm, Kenyatta Stadium)

Sofapaka vs Gor Mahia (3pm, Kinoru Stadium)

Bandari vs Western Stima (3pm, Mbaraki Sports Club)

Ulinzi Stars vs Sony Sugar (3pm, Afraha Stadium)

Muhoroni Youth vs Nakumatt (3pm, Muhoroni Stadium)




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